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S.GA LEADERSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Laura Maxwell, Called To Care

A headshot of Laura Maxwell, founder of Called to Care
Laura Maxwell, Called To Care

Ever since she was young, Laura Maxwell remembers having a big heart for children. This desire to make a difference led her to become a middle school teacher.


But when Laura started teaching, she was shocked by how many of her students were dealing with really tough situations at home. Some didn't have enough food to eat. Others didn't have proper clothes to wear. It broke Laura's heart to see her students struggling to learn because their basic needs weren't being met.


As a teacher, Laura knew she was in a special position to understand what these kids were going through. Teachers spend a lot of time with their students every day and get to know them really well.


Laura became more and more aware of the many kids who needed homes but had no foster family to accept them. In 2013, she started Called to Care.


At first, Called to Care operated out of a church in Tifton, Georgia. Laura worked hard to collect donations of clothing, and other essentials to give to families in need. After a couple of years, Called to Care grew into an official nonprofit and expanded its reach to help people across twenty-two counties in South Georgia.


Laura designed Called to Care's programs to offer support in many different areas of life. In addition to providing necessary items, the organization also connects families with churches and other partnering agencies for housing, healthcare, jobs, and more.


Laura's love for kids and her time spent in the classroom continue to drive her dedication to Called To Care.


Thanks to Laura's compassion and tireless efforts, Called to Care has become a shining light of hope for so many children and families in South Georgia. Her story shows the incredible power one person can have when they follow their heart and work hard to help others.

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