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SGNN 2024: We Created REAL Wealth!

Adrian Peterson speaks to the SGNN conference.
Adrian Peterson speaks to the SGNN conference.

Thanks to the Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation, Mauldin & Jenkins, CPAs & Advisors, the ABAC Foundation, and the Greater Valdosta United Way, about one hundred nonprofit leaders accomplished something special at the 2024 SGNN Networking Conference.

We created real wealth.

Money is the lowest form of wealth, real wealth is in relationships.

Successful nonprofit leaders know that it is not enough to have talent and skills; we must appreciate the power of building valuable relationships.

It is our ‘connection’ that determines our ‘collection’. What we collect from life is dependent on the value of our connections.

Relationships matter more than money.

“Your choice of people to associate with will have more impact on what you become than any other single factor”- Brian Tracy

The networking will continue on the private SGNN Facebook page. SIGN UP HERE. Please introduce yourself, and let's continue building real wealth!

For the team,

David Oaks

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