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Ben Peterson: Empowering South Georgia Nonprofits to Change Lives

Ben Peterson smiling with arms crossed.
Ben Peterson of Mauldin & Jenkins

For CPA Ben Peterson, crunching numbers isn’t just a job - it’s a calling to help Georgia nonprofits achieve their missions and change lives. As a dedicated accountant at Mauldin & Jenkins CPAs & Advisors in Atlanta, Ben has spent the past decade partnering with nonprofit leaders to strengthen their organizations and expand their impact.

At Mauldin & Jenkins, Ben works with a diverse portfolio of 30-40 South Georgia nonprofits, providing expert financial guidance and support. From local charities to large foundations, he takes pride in helping these organizations navigate complex accounting challenges so they can focus on serving their communities.

For Ben, the rewards of his work are deeply personal. He fondly recalls one of his first nonprofit clients, a small nursing home with a tight-knit staff. As he worked closely with their team, he formed meaningful bonds and saw firsthand the vital role nonprofits play in people’s lives. That experience cemented his commitment to the sector.

“I feel like I’m not just an accountant, but a true partner to these nonprofits,” Ben shares. “Seeing the incredible impact they have - the lives they change, the hope they bring - that’s what makes every day worth it. It’s so fulfilling to know my expertise can help them achieve their mission.”

Ben’s passion is part of a long legacy at Mauldin & Jenkins, a national firm with deep regional roots. Founded over 100 years ago in Albany, Georgia, the firm has grown to serve more than 500 nonprofits across the Southeast. Yet they remain committed to the personalized, community-focused approach that has defined their practice for a century.

Looking ahead, Ben is excited to continue supporting Georgia’s nonprofit community for years to come. “Serving nonprofits with my expertise is my way of giving back,” he reflects. “As long as there are missions to advance and lives to improve, I’ll be here, ready to help however I can.”

You can contact Ben at

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