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My story is the story of every child who has something to overcome in his life - Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson in his football uniform and #3 jersey
#3 Adrian Peterson

I didn't even notice that I was different until I was almost six years old. I still hadn't learned exactly what "normal" was. Years passed by and my quirk slowly grew more and more obvious until classmates, my church, and even strangers took note.


Each day was a fight to express myself, and I didn't know how to cope with the challenges that life had thrown at me. As time progressed, my self-esteem shrank until it was tough to even imagine making it through another year of school and therapy.


I dreaded hearing the teasing and laughing of my classmates, for whom communication seemed so effortless. I hated being the one who was singled out.


In time, though, I discovered that being singled out was more a blessing than a curse as I reaped the benefits of my God-given abilities.


My story is the story of every child who has something to overcome in his life. Though I dealt with a speech impediment throughout my childhood and into adulthood, it has no effect on the life I'm living now.


My refusal to use my disability as an excuse has helped me to move past my stutter and into success. When someone chooses to focus on my disability, they are truly "dissing" my abilities. God's blessings in my life shine through, illuminating far more than the inherent imperfections.


Excerpt from Don't Dis My Abilities, Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson attended Georgia Southern University where he won 2 D1-AA National Championship. Peterson was drafted by the Chicago Bears and played 8 years in the NFL all with the Chicago Bears. Now a motivational speaker, Peterson has traveled from state to state sharing his message to others to encourage and motivate them to strive and reach their goals in life.


You get to meet Adrian and hear about his amazing story at the 2024 SGNN Networking Conference, Friday, April 12, 8 am - 1:30 p.m. at the Valdosta Rainwater Conference Center.


He has a great message that includes how his family and parents, hard work, faith, and a very difficult speech disability motivated him to fight harder to reach his goals in life.


You can sign up today for the 2024 SGNN Networking Conference. In addition to Adrian, our special speakers include:

  • Dr. Deidre Martin, Development Officer, PCOM

  • More Than Thank You; Building a Donor-Centric Fundraising & Stewardship Approach

  • Ben Peterson, Mauldin & Jenkins

  • Storytelling With Numbers

  • Michael Smith, Greater Valdosta United Way

  • ALICE: The Consequences of Insufficient Income


Space is limited to the first 100 who register. Thanks to our sponsors, the cost is minimal:

  • One organization, one person, $50

  • Two people, one organization, $70

  • Three persons, one organization, $100

  • Six persons, one organization, $200


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